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The YEEs Justice Team


Victoria Alegre Perfecto (Peru)

Nazir Ul Haq(Pakistan)

Camila Marinho (Brazil)


How can we help YEEs carve out a career in evaluation? 

Project Description

 YEEs face daunting challenges to access professional evaluation opportunities. Group sessions and interviews undertaken during the hackathon week confirmed this assumption. However, when provided opportunities, YEEs have made significant contributions to the evaluation practice. Analysis of the career pathways followed by some succesful YEEs shows that networks played an instrumental role in shaping their evaluation career. Due to networks, such YEEs learnt about making a career in professional evaluation, through developing their technical knowledge and skills, and starting their first evaluation jobs or internships. Considering the importance of networks in facilitating the inclusion of YEEs in professional evaluations, we have come out with an idea to unleash the potential of networks, by providing a digital networking platform to build a digital footprint of YEEs, which would serve as a window to the world of opportunities. The platform, materialized in an application called  EvalTinder, would be useful for the following purposes:

  • It acts as a "Tinder" for YEEs, recruiters and other evaluation stakeholders. The app would act as a matching tool, because it would allow to match the skills and competences of YEEs with the profile sought by recruiters for job, internship and volunteering opportunities.
  • The app would help to put in the spotlight  YEEs' personal and professional skills&nbsp, which are valuable in the perfomance of evaluation teams.
  • The app would give career advisory to YEEs who want to fill the gaps encountered to match the desired profile.
  • The app would provide information and resources for YEEs to develop their knowledge, skills and competences.
  • Moreover, through the interactive platform, YEEs around the globe would connect each other for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and discussion,  and the platform would serve as a YEEs' global voice.
  • The app would provide P2P mentoring opportunities, where YEEs will be easily matched with experienced evaluators for professional guidance and mentoring.
  • The app would provide a new sense of belonging to YEEs and other stakeholders in the evaluation arena, as it would open a window to the world of opportunities for youth.

EvalTinder Features


Matching Parameters


Targeted Users

Stakeholders  Needs and Stakes
  • Need awareness about evaluation, required knowledge and skills and available opportunities
  • Develop their knowledge and skills
  • Learning, mentoring and networking opportunities
YEEs Networks
  • Serve as a representative voice of YEEs and promote their inclusion in evaluation discourse and promote learning and career opportunities
Evalpartners/Evaluation Associations/UN System
  • Use the potential and energies of YEEs in promoting evaluation and as well as strengthen their roles in achievement of SDGs
NGOs/Development recruiters
  • Find qualified young people to work with them and acheieve their development objectives

Work Process

1. Our milestones, achievements and prototype

  • Reached out each other in the group after getting familiar with the slack platform
  • Developed Whatsapp group for discussion
  • Watched the design thinking videos and shared learning and take-aways with each other following each video
  • Tried to follow the Design thinking approach throughout the work

2. Challenges

  • Time Difference between Thailand, Peru and Brazil

3. Resources that we used

  • Design thinking approach
  • Time and Discussion

4. Our takeaways and learnings

  • Together We can do so much!!

5. What´s next: how it should proceed and what we need

  • Consultation with all involved stakeholders and present the app prototype (first draft) to them,
  • Further refine the app prototype based on their feedback
  • Test the prototype, with a pilot
  • Generate seed funding for developing the app at a large scale
  • Develop the App with support of IT company and launch it
  • Use existing EvalYouth networks for marketing and publicity


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Young and emerging evaluators (YEE)

Young and emerging evaluators (YEE) often hit a hard brick wall when trying to find a job in evaluation: they are not hired because they don't have enough experience, but cannot gain experience if they are not hired. Furthermore, they are not been actively engaged in developmental discourse and discussion. How can we help YEE better enter the evaluation career path? How can they participate in post-Covid recovery and evaluation development agenda?

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