Group Members- Sana Ben Salem; Ajita Nayar; Evangeline D. Manohar; Vicky; Gerson Fumbuka; and Ayaz A Siddiqui

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Day-1: EVALeaders started with a team where many of the assigned members were inactive. We started looking for interested members who were interested in Challenge

Day 2: EVALeaders started Day 2 with design thinking and brainstorming on group's name, challenge's definition and framing problem statement.

Day-3: On Day-3 after brainstorming discussions, we were able to identify the key problems with regards Country Led Evaluations. We framed a detailed problem statement and discussed on prototype of the innovate solution that EVALeaders are going to suggest.

Day 4- EVALeaders had a detailed brainstorming session on Day 4 which resulted in sketching of the initial design of the solution. EVALeaders also interviewed donors, CSOs, government officials and other stakeholders, across three countries.

Day-5: Brainstorming on Process Flow, Documentation, and Pitching Video. #EVALeaders.

Day 6: Prototype Finalized

Day-7: Project is Live

13.07.2020 11:38

13.07.2020 11:38

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Country-led evaluations

Country-led evaluations

Donors continue to dominate evaluation design and use in developing countries like Liberia, even though they expect the change story to affect the people. How can we make evaluation country led instead of donors led?

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