How to evaluate during Corona times

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Members: Gabriela Rentería, Yamgiri Nath Giri, Toma Kabysh-Rybalka

COVID-19 as a pandemic affects everyone, but it doesn't do it equally. It has been observed that COVID-19 exacerbates inequalities in different dimensions, and as such many schemes have been in place to reach the most affected population.

We, Gabriela, Yamgiri, and Toma follow the precept that "What can be measured can be improved", and want to draw decisions based on evidence. However, we face a major challenge, how can we reach people to collect data and carry out evaluations if there's a lockdown in place and international travels cannot be done?

For example, we faced our own issues when starting the project. As we are in different countries, we had some connectivity challenges, difficulties to reach other team members, and the impossibility to connect in a very short time. If we escalate those problems in evaluation, in particular for people in major need, and facing a pandemic, well there must be something that can be done.

Even though COVID-19 is a situation that is present (hopefully) for a short period of time, the challenges are maintained in other situations, the current conditions only show structural disparities exacerbated.

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Data Collection

Alternative data collection if field visits are not possible in times of Covid-19

Due to the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, travels abroad are currently and during the coming months impossible. Therefore, on site evaluations cannot be carried out and we have to look for different means to gather the necessary data, e.g. with the help of technological means. Similar conditions for an evaluation could also arise for other reasons. How can we use modern technologies and existing data in order to carry out “off-site” evaluations without access to the field, replacing methods of data gathering by others? What potential, but also what lacks does such an approach have, especially when evaluators’ interaction with site residents cannot be replaced?

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