Reshaping local evaluation ecosystems with tools to job matching, talent development, and social networking

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Dear jury, this is our video :point_up_2:


Team members:

Alejandra Cortés (Colombia)
Calin Brown (Switzerland)
Jéssica Sbroglia (Brazil)
Rex Joshwa (India)
Sergio Sierra (Mexico)
Thiago Noce (Brazil/Germany)

Difficulties to pronounce our team name? yell

The pronunciation would be something like 'skinsooca, and it means grow.

Challenge Definition

HOW CAN WE create/foster job opportunities, training and educational avenues in an inclusive way
FOR Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs)
IN ORDER TO SOLVE their struggles as they enter and sustain a career in evaluation


We want to reshape the way that young and emerging evaluators engage with evaluation commissioners, potential mentors, educational institutions and each other. We want to build professional and educational bridges that currently do not exist, connect existing, but isolated networks, and ensure that all opportunities are accessible to young and emerging evaluators no matter where they are in the world.

• Our approach is a digital platform (which we have named YEEcosystem) that serves as the gateway to career opportunities, as well as networking and learning opportunities for young and emerging evaluators. The digital platform has three key components: a job matching service, an evaluation challenge “incubator” as well as a scholarship and mentorship service.

• The job matching service connects evaluation commissioners, who have evaluation needs, with driven and knowledgeable YEEs, who are looking to have hands-on experience in the world of evaluation. It’s a win-win solution that supports not only young and emerging evaluators at the early stages of their career, but also evaluation commissioners lacking internal M&E capacity.

• The evaluation challenge incubator brings YEEs together from all across the globe to work together to propose specific methodologies for evaluation challenges. These challenges are proposed by evaluation commissioners in governments, international organisations and NGOs. A senior evaluation specialist will be paired with each team to act as an evaluation advisor.  Some challenges may be open to only proposals that include team members from lesser-represented countries, and the challenges will often be focused on globally-relevant issues such as climate change and pandemics (COVID-19).

• The scholarship and mentorship service helps young and emerging evaluators connect with country or region-specific scholarships as well as mentors. The aim is to help YEEs find educational opportunities that can complement or strengthen their current knowledge, as well as connect to the means to afford these opportunities. For universities offering the scholarships, this is an important opportunity to get in touch with practical challenges of evaluations and practioners decisions.

• Our business model is simple. We understand that YEEs should be compensated for their work, as well as senior evaluation specialists that offer their time to mentor and advise. We propose a model that pools together funding from governments, NGOs, the private sector, foundations and academic institutions. All sectors and organisations benefit from a stronger M&E workforce, and through this kind of model, costs and risks are shared by a wide variety of key stakeholders.

None of the technologies we are suggesting are completely new, but what we are suggesting is a rethink of the current system – a system where young and emerging evaluators often struggle to find ways to gain practical, paid experiences that reflect their worth, a truly engaged mentor that can give them crucial guidance, and a convoluted system with many isolated networks.

In this way, what we are suggesting is innovative, supports further collaboration in the M&E community and creates social value beyond any single individual because a diverse group of trained, knowledgeable and confident young evaluators is essential to ensuring the M&E field remains agile, inclusive and continuously grows.


Group Update

July 08th: Although some members only joined the team that day, the team finalized our brain dump and built a roadmap of questions to guide our interviews with YEEs.

You can check it out by clicking here.

July 09th: We conducted interviews with YEE, to identify what are the main challenges they faced at the beginning of their career, based on the roadmap of questions we defined.

You can check it out by clicking here.

July 10th: We have been working hard together to brainstorm the different challenges and pain points faced by our key stakeholder - young and emerging evaluators. Through design thinking exercises and a number of one-to-one interviews with stakeholders, we are now able to articulate some common experiences of YEEs. Some of the common experiences we highlighted include lack of access to accredited trainings, difficulty finding opportunities for hands-on application of training materials and lack of true, sustained mentorship in this field.

You can check it out by clicking here.

July 11th: Our group has just completed the ideation phase and shared all of our initial solution ideas! We just spent an hour and a half together (virtually) selecting a solution to focus on and thinking through the details of the solution. Now, we are in the process of building out a prototype. Stay tuned for more information about our proposed solution... 

July 12th: Our group met to define the last details of the prototype and discuss the creation of the video.

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Young and emerging evaluators (YEE)

Young and emerging evaluators (YEE) often hit a hard brick wall when trying to find a job in evaluation: they are not hired because they don't have enough experience, but cannot gain experience if they are not hired. Furthermore, they are not been actively engaged in developmental discourse and discussion. How can we help YEE better enter the evaluation career path? How can they participate in post-Covid recovery and evaluation development agenda?

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