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Evolve in Eval would be an online platform which has integration of networks & resources w.rt. Evaluation field.

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Hi ! Welcome to our page, in the video we share our solution, and the wording below recap the journey we went though. Your contribution is very welcome to help us improve!


Phase 1: Meet the Team - A team of 4 from India, China, Trinidad and Tobago and Nigeria named 1. Vanessa RL, 2. Xiaoxi Lian, 3. Janet Idara Inyang, 4. M Uma Maheswara Rao was formed.

Phase 2: Design Process

  • We defined our problem as: How can we create practice and collaboration opportunities for YEE in order to solve that they are not getting hired as professionals due to no/less experience?

  • We identified key stakeholders as YEE, Employers, Academic, professional network's, government, regional development partners and donors, and their context, issues & worries were taken into account to find solution.

  • Interviewed key stakeholder, 2 YEEs, 1 network, 3 employers and 2 government stakeholders to learn the need, challenges and potential solutions.

  • we made a persona named gill who is a YEE, & addressed his wishes , likes, dislikes and pain points.

-We redefined the problem.

Phase 3:

  • Ideation/brainstorming: We each proposed solutions and then came to an agreement that a combination of some of the proposal would be best.

Phase 4:

-Prototyping - a prototype of the solution was developed and edited.

Evolve in Eval would be an online platform that helps to build connections, access resources like organisations/ projects that need evaluators, list of evaluators networking groups, tools & methods used by evaluators, scholarships, academic & training opportunities, internships, mentorship, career advice etc...which helps YEE to enter the evaluation career path.

We are all part of the solutions! Be the change we want to see.

Afterward notes: what we have learned - Design thinking process used in solution design - Trust towards different passionate teammates, and potential to work with each other - use of new platforms like Miro.

Challenges - Timezone, - New team in such a short time

Our team with Vannessa,Uma , Janet and Xiaoxi, we each tried to contribute what we can to think ahead and contribute. Vannessa had the great initiative and quick action in step 1 and forward, Uma is the cheerleader pushing us to keep on track, and Janet, although joining the last, still do her best to contribute. Xiaoxi and all of us trying to facilitate each step toward our goal. Thank you team, we are truly Evolve in Eval, initiating the change we want to see.

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Young and emerging evaluators (YEE)

Young and emerging evaluators (YEE) often hit a hard brick wall when trying to find a job in evaluation: they are not hired because they don't have enough experience, but cannot gain experience if they are not hired. Furthermore, they are not been actively engaged in developmental discourse and discussion. How can we help YEE better enter the evaluation career path? How can they participate in post-Covid recovery and evaluation development agenda?

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