We have developed a new measure for beneficiary-centric efficiency evaluation: the Beneficiary Leverage Ratio

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Team members: Aluwani Mauda; Dulcineia Gonçalves; Leona Mavhudzi

Find the link to our toolkit and Beneficiary Leverage Ratio toolbox at the bottom of the page!

Day 1

We just met each other and due to social distancing, we couldn't take our particular flights, so we did it via alt text.

Our 1st meeting alt text

Day 2

We need to hurry up. Brains ready for work, this is an African Team. We planned 1 meeting but we had 2… we wanted to define our challenge, and we knew that there is still a lot of work and no time!! All the alt text were used.

We finally decided on our CHALLENGE

How can we improve the measurement of efficiency for beneficiaries to solve the problem of lacking ownership?

Day 3

We were engaged in the sessions and also trying to figure out how we can move forward and winalt text

Day 4-6

Just work, brain freeze, getting crazy, lost, almost quit… The best part? Interviewing people, participating on interviews and realizing that everybody was experiencing almost the same… alt text

Day 6-7

We finally had our prototype. And now we needed to validate it .. @facilitator helps; @canal Helps

WAW: Everybody was so available and to our surprise the prototype was fascinating .. now we can keep our eyes on the ... alt text

For in depth detail on our work please see the link here

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Measuring efficiency

Measuring efficiency in evaluations

Evaluating efficiency is weaker and not substantive enough compared to assessing effectiveness, sustainability and relevance in most project, programme and policy evaluations. What are ways of assessing efficiencies?

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